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    Hey, everybody! If you're looking for support for TextNow, this channel is not your only option. If you have a question or a problem, here's how to get a hold of us:

    The Self-Help Portal:
    If you click/tap on My Wireless Account when you log into www.textnow.com, that'll take you to our Self-Help portal, where you can edit, change and manage your TextNow account. Need to change your email address, or check on an order, or add a person to your Family Plan? You can do all that and much more at the Self-Help portal.

    The Support Site:
    Want to go more in-depth? Our Support site at www.textnow.com/support has articles, manuals, how-tos, guides and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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    On that same support site, click/tap on Chat With Us to get a real live person to help with your question or concern. You can get the Chat With Us pop-up from any of our support site pages.

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    We're not just on Google+, you know. We're active on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TextNow/), and we have two Twitter feeds -
    @TextNow for announcements and contests, and @TextNowHelp for your questions. And if you want to take a peek behind the curtain to see what life is like at TextNow HQ, check us out on Instagram at @TextNowApp

    Watch Us!
    And last but not last, we have a YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/Enflick. We'll be adding useful tips and guides to the ####MyTextNow channel there in the coming days and weeks.

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    15 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 3444 Community Members

    Happy February 9th! There's no beta release this week, as we're in research mode for some future things. Also, honestly, February in Canada means we spend about 1/3rd of any given week digging our car out of snow banks taller than the actual cars.

    Coming soon, though, I'm going to be asking you, the beta community, to help us with beta testing a very interesting new feature, one that we hope will help improve call quality across the board for our free users.

    In other news, our San Francisco office had a great week this week as our head of growth, Ajay Sampat, gave a great fireside chat at the Mobile Growth Summit 2018. Check out the story here: https://engineering.textnow.com/mgs2018 -growth-strategy-tactics-and-pirates-929e813bdeb7

    Stay tuned, and happy weekend!

    10 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 3434 Community Members

    Good Friday, everybody! (Well, not THAT Good Friday. That one's in a couple of months.) We are all the way up to 5.44.0 for tonight's release! Why, I can recall when it was just a mere 4.2.

    This week's release addresses one particular problem that's been plaguing both TextNow and 2ndLine for a while now: Very occasionally a customer will upgrade from free to Premium, and the Google Play Store happily charges them, but then they don't get the actual Premium turned on. Usually, what our support team does is turn the Premium features on manually for the customer, but the problem happens again whenever the monthly renewal happens - Google takes the money, but the Premium doesn't click over, and then we have to set it manually again.

    That's a dumb cycle for a customer to get caught in, never mind a pointless drain of support resources. So hopefully we've got that fixed. (By the way, if anybody out there has this problem, just log off of your TextNow account and log back in.)

    Otherwise our devs managed to shave off some fat from the app (do you shave fat?) by improving string concatenation. Great word, right? it's a computer- science term for putting text strings together with no separation. So, for example, let's say you have a ball of snow. You could call that a "snow ball", or put the words together for "snowball", saving one character. Doesn't sound like much, but that kind of thing adds up to make the app leaner and meaner.

    Also, this upcoming week we may be asking you, the Beta group, to try out a new feature we're adding for all free users on TextNow and 2ndLine. More on that as it happens.

    5.44.0 will be available on the Play Store a little later tonight. Have a good weekend, everyone!

    03 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 3415 Community Members

    Quick announcement, Beta folks: I'm sick as a dog today so I will not be posting any notes about the latest beta. I will however review the patch on Monday and let you guys know about any interesting stuff then. The beta will be released to the Play Store as per usual later on tonight.

    27 Jan 2018 Google+ Community Update 3399 Community Members

    Hey, all, and happy Monday!

    Let's talk a little about what the future holds for this group. For the past few months I've been providing some patch notes for the released betas, and I'm still going to be doing that.

    But as the betas will be concentrating on improving the quality of our service, and hence will be pretty similar from week-to-week I'd also like to take this time to talk about other stuff we have going on in the wide wide world of TextNow.

    For one thing: Did you know we have TWO blogs? Amazing, yet true. We have a blog aimed at consumers over on blog.textnow.com, and another one focussed on techies/engineer types on engineering.textnow.com. Both of them have LOADS of cool info, and the engineering one gives a little peek behind the curtain into app development and what it's like to work at a Canadian tech startup. (Hint: craft beer taps in the kitchen.)

    A couple of articles on the Engineering blog might be of interest to you Beta folks: A series on "demystifying" app development, business and telecom jargon, written by me (cough, cough) and our Technical Product Manager, Kristina Taylor. Part I is here: https://engineering.textnow.com/sifting- through-shibboleths-telecom-jargon-demystified-bf8979376757, and Part II is here: https://engineering.textnow.com/business-bloviation-business-jargon- demystified-bbba8c232d99.

    Also, we're going to be working on some really basic how-to's in the coming weeks showcasing, well, how to do stuff with TextNow, and with Android (and iOS!) phones generally. I'll be posting those videos here (or a link to 'em, anyway) as they happen.

    And of course, you can always find us on Facebook (at https://www.facebook.com/TextNow/, natch), and on Twitter at @textnow and @textnowhelp.

    23 Jan 2018 Google+ Community Update 3393 Community Members

    Another Friday is upon us! How'd that happen? Something about time moving in the direction of entropy, probably.

    We are working away on bringing better call quality for our TextNow and 2ndLine app. In fact, we have a very interesting experiment we should be unveiling to the beta channels in the coming weeks (well, maybe months) that the engineers would murder me if I talked about, so as I'm pro-not-being- murdered I can say no more. I'll give you a hint, though: It's related to one of our most often asked for features.

    We're also on a major bug hunt with TextNow. Here's a little peek behind the curtain: We use bug-tracking software to prioritize bugs into four groups, with the last group being "This thing might be a problem for like three people but we should probably fix it" and the first being "holy crap this thing is on fire and we have to fix it right now". So for the next two quarters, our engineers are concentrating on the second group: Bugs that are definitely a problem but not at the holy-crap-it's-a-fire level. Our Product team's goal is to eliminate those second-tier bugs completely, which will have a domino effect of improving not just call quality but the app as a whole.

    This week we fixed a good chunk of 'em, mostly related to specifc button series or combinations that would crash the app on certain phone models, and other on-boarding situations.

    As per usual, we'll be releasing 5.42 a little later tonight. Have a great weekend, everybody!

    20 Jan 2018 Google+ Community Update 3384 Community Members

    Happy Friday, everybody! I come to you today from the land of snow and ice, otherwise known as Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. How cold is it? I just saw a White Walker heading south, so winter is definitely here.

    As I talked about a bit last week, we're going to be spending the bulk of our time over the next half-a-year or so working on improving the quality of service of TextNow. That means calling, mostly, but also Ui tweaks, feature parity across all platforms (even desktop!), and some experiments into how our information is handled through the bewilderingly complex maze of systems that is the modern telecommunications network.

    That means we won't be releasing any fun features for a while for you beta testers to try out, but we might be releasing some experiments into this channel for you to try. Stay tuned!

    5.41 will be available a little later today, as per usual, as a Play Store update. Have a great weekend!

    13 Jan 2018 Google+ Community Update 3375 Community Members

    Hey, all! Welcome to the first beta update notes for 2018! Hope everybody had a good year.

    A little later tonight we will be unveiling 5.40 for you fabulous betas. It's a pretty small update this week, as we're going to be concentrating on improving the app over the next few months rather than adding new features, because we want TextNow to be the best possible calling and texting app.

    So, some bug roundups:

    - Fixed a bug that would crash the app if you disconnected from the internet on your device and then tapped the microphone in an existing conversation. Pretty edge-casey, but any bug is a bug that needs squishing.

    - Improved some of the inputs around ordering a device through the app, which won't apply to many of you in this group. Rest assured, though, that if you do end up ordering a phone, we can now validate your address before you order to make sure it's going to the right place.

    - Some wonkiness around audio recording during videos, which could apparently be triggered accidentally in certain specific cases.

    That's about it! Like I say, it's gonna be about six months of working on better call quality and general improvements.

    As per usual, it'll be available a little later today on the Play Store. Let us know what you think!

    06 Jan 2018 Google+ Community Update 3354 Community Members

    Hey, all: The app is not allowing people to log in at the moment. We're aware of it, and we got our engineers working on the problem. (It's on our back-end, nothing you can do about it on your phone.) Hang tight, and we should have this fixed soon.

    UPDATE: And.... fixed! Well, that was fun. As you were, Beta Testers.

    26 Dec 2017 Google+ Community Update 3327 Community Members

    Merry almost the holidays, Beta folks! We stealth-released the latest version into the beta channel last night as the engineers scramble towards the Christmas break. But before we get into that, a quick note: While the engineers might be gone for a week or two, my work is never done - I'll still be monitoring this channel, but don't expect super-fast responses until the New Year.

    Let's take a look at 5.39.0:

    - For Android, we fixed some weirdness around preview windows for Android tablets and a very irritating bug that was logging people out of TextNow while the app was open and logged in.

    - Also in Android, did a nifty thing with the message field. You know how you type a message into the field that says "Type a message" when texting someone? There are as many as three icons on that same field (camera, emogi, and the contacts link), meaning there was less room to actually type your message. Now, when you type, it moves the other icons out of the way to give you more space. Helpful for people like me with stubby sausage fingers.

    - And added some code that will be the foundations of some exciting new features, but those features aren't happening until the new year. Still, you'd be impressed if you know what they were, which I can't tell you, but you'd still be impressed. But I can't. But you would be.

    And finally a REALLY weird bug where the 4th conversation on your Conversations would just DISAPPEAR when you got a new text, and then COME BACK. It was creepy. Luckily, that one was caught in-house, so our customers won't think their smartphone has a poltergeist in it that really hates the fourth conversation.

    Those are the highlights this week. We won't be releasing a beta next week, but we'll be back to the grind in the New Year.

    Have a great holiday, everybody, and thanks for helping improve this beta channel over the past few months!

    23 Dec 2017 Google+ Community Update 3319 Community Members