Toets BETA - Use your tablet (or phone) as a keyboard and mouse to control your Linux, Raspberry Pi or OS X desktop

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Toets -- WiFi Keyboard and Mouse for Android

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Toets BETA

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Toets BETA

Toets -- WiFi Keyboard and Mouse for Android

Beta Update from 27 Apr 2018
By Google+ Community

A new version (1.0-beta8) has been pushed to Google Play. It will be available shortly.

This version requires a server update It cannot connect to servers running an older version, and you should receive an error if you try. (Likewise, an older version will not be able to connect to the newer server.)

New features enabled in this build:

Programmable keys
Pre-record sequences of much used command (like "ls", "ps awux", et cetera)

Clipboard paste
A key has been added to allow the local clipboard contents to get sent to the other device, where it will be entered as text.

Other fixes
- Add warning when pasting more than 16 characters,
- Fixed sync of shift/ctrl/alt modifiers of hardware keyboards,
- Fixed broken META key (windows/linux/diamond button),
- The key-press vibration was too short to be noticable,
- Added "Large Touch Area" setting (only possible if keyboard stays disabled),
- Tweaked Two-finger scrolling not to move so fast,
- Introduction screen updates.
- Preference texts updated.

You can use this post for any feedback.

Android Toets Server:´╗┐

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App Description

Use your tablet (or phone) as a keyboard and mouse to control your Linux, Raspberry Pi or OS X desktop * ``Friends don't let friends use plain-text protocols''

There are apps out there doing the same thing, but these naive implementations send your keystrokes in plain-text and because we regularly type in passwords, we couldn't entrust our keystrokes to those.

So, we wrote this solution that consists of a server part and this client application: you run the server on the device you want to control, and use this app to control it as if the keyboard and mouse are physically attached.

Ideal for your MythTV box or your Raspberry Pi.

  • A server is also available for Android 5.x, but root is required.
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