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Audials Android Beta Testers

Audials Android Beta Testers Last 10 Updates

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    • Ads flag marking stations that play ads after tuning in
    • New layout for station detail page
    • Simplified recording commands, plus many more usability improvements
    • Bugfix: High data utilization by changing from station to station in a station list

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    26 Mar 2019 Google Play Release Update

    As Google+ is shutting down very soon, we need to find a new home for Audials Beta and Alpha feedback.

    We decided to add a community on our support website, where you can post feedback and questions.

    It's quite different from Google+ and doesn't have a big feature set. But it's certainly the best choice because it brings you very close to the whole Audials team.

    Please give it a try and post your next feedback or question right there:

    25 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 519 Community Members

    Update 7.1.148 fixes the high data usage issue we found in the public release, and fixes an issue for recordings from stations that have a percent sign in their name.

    We plan on rolling out 7.1.148 to the store, unless you beta testers find new issues that slipped through out internal tests.

    So quick feedback is much appreciated! Thanks a buzzilion!

    16 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 519 Community Members

    7.1.32 contains quite some good things:

    • "Ads" marker for radio stations in it's final form. You can switch it on or off, depending on whether you find it useful or not.
    • Reworked commands in "Stop Audials" dialog (formerly "Close Audials"). The commands should now reliably stop recording processes. Please note that an actual closing an app is not allowed on Android, or can only be done in Android settings, respectively.
    • When unplugging headphones, playback stops.
    • Diverse usability improvements, bug fixes, UI improvements and crash fixes

    One thing we would like you to verify and test: Users on the Play Store report very high data usage just by listening to radio stations, such as 1GB/h. Please check whether this also/still happens with this beta.

    Looking foward very much to your feedback!

    24 Feb 2019 Google+ Community Update 520 Community Members

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    • Equalizer now works with the new player component
    • Revised connection setup to stations
    • UI fine-tuning in station detail page
    • UI cleanup

    11 Feb 2019 Google Play Release Update

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    Changed threading model for playback to avoid crashes in our new player library. Please tell us about any problems relating to playing stations, podcasts or local files, as this might point to new or remaining issues. Thanks a lot!

    20 Jan 2019 Google Play Release Update

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    Minor stability and reliability improvements. We're in the process of tracing down some issues with our player changes with 7.1.* and have added a tool for measuring app performance to understand better what's happening on your devices. Your using Audials will help us improve things further. Please also note our polls on Google+ concerning your satisfaction with our changes, thank you!

    16 Jan 2019 Google Play Release Update

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    • Fixed: crash occurring when using alarm feature

    13 Jan 2019 Google Play Release Update

    With the 7.1.* betas, we have introduced important layout changes in the radio player UI:

    Where we previously had two tabs, "Listen" and "Record", each with specific controls and content, we now have only one tab "Record", with everything you need both for just listening and recording, along with the history of music that the station played.

    So where you would previously have to switch tabs and scroll up or down to access certain content, you now have have to scroll down for the song history, and up for info about what's currently playing, and all the playback and recording buttons etc.

    Please see the blue markers in the image for a visual indication of the changes.

    We would like to know: Do you personally like this change, or not?

    11 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 525 Community Members

    The new "Ads" flag in 7.1.2 is designed to mark stations that might play "pre- roll" ads.

    Our algorithm for the Ads flag currently works like this:

    Every station that played a pre-roll ad to at least one user in the past 5 days is marked with the "Ads" flag.

    Pre-roll ads are usually some ten seconds long audio trailers playing right when you tune in. Only after the pre-roll ad finishes, you can hear the actual radio stream.

    Because the ad services do use their own, secret algorithms deciding when to play ads and to whom, it is not easy to implement an ad flag that works for everyone equally well.

    We would like to know:

    Is the Ads flag useful to you?

    Consider the following questions for your personal judgment:
    - Does the flag help you to avoid stations that play pre-roll ads?
    - Do you get false negatives (stations without Ads flag that play a pre-roll ad)?

    08 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 526 Community Members