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Apps, Contacts, Information. Three sidebars in one app. Join to give feedback.

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ACI Sidebar Beta Test

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ACI Sidebar Beta Test

Apps, Contacts, Information. Three sidebars in one app. Join to give feedback.

Beta Update from 10 Aug 2017
By Google+ Community

Version 1.1.0 arrived in the beta test of ACI Sidebar. It has a lot of changes, primary focused on usability.

- new toolbar in the app sidebar, with menu items to add apps, open group settings and open general settings
- double click an app to open app details (show permissions, version, install date)
- new toolbar in the contact sidebar, with menu items to add a new contact and open general settings
- vibrate when a sidebar is being opened, or vibrate twice when a accidentally click is detected. Both is configurable in the settings.
- Optimized layout and animations
- increased targetSdkVersion
- Bugfixes

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App Description

ACI Sidebar is an App for Android with three different sidebars: Apps, Contacts, Information.

The app is not yet publicly available. Click on the link below to get access to the current beta version.

How to start:

  • Activate your beta tester status by clicking on the link 'become a beta tester'.
  • Download ACI Sidebar from the Play Store.
  • Tell me what you think.
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