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    Congratulations everyone for 12000 community members! Such a great platform, with over 1 million apps created! :-)

    However for me it is with mixed emotions to see Google+ decommissioning in less than a year. Hopefully we continue on to another type of community or a forum like website that could be a proper substitute for this great original AppSheet community.

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    03 Nov 2018 Google+ Community Update 12022 Community Members

    Version 13.0

    What’s New

    Added support for barcode-93 scans.
    Sound for incoming notifications add.
    Bug fixes.

    31 Oct 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Any problems signing up for a paid plan with a credit card?

    We've received a couple of anecdotal reports that the Account -> Billing page isn't allowing a new user to set up payment with a credit card.

    We're unable to reproduce this ourselves. Has any of you encountered this problem in the last few weeks? Please do let us know. Thanks

    24 Oct 2018 Google+ Community Update 11955 Community Members

    Dropdown of Suggested Values for a column

    There are many use cases where you want a form input to show a dropdown of values. We provide many different solutions that enable this. May of them are enumerated here: columns/the-lookupdropdown-data-pattern

    However, one missing pattern was where all you want to do is suggest some values, not enforce that the user must choose one of them. The only such capability was in the Enum column type with the 'Allow other values' option.

    We've now generalized this. Every column definition can define a list expression of Suggested Values. If such an expression is present, it tells AppSheet to use the list as a dropdown. All the same, the user can still input a different value.

    We will likely make some further enhancements to simplify common cases, but the core feature is live today. Please start using it and send us your feedback. for-a-column

    20 Oct 2018 Google+ Community Update 11924 Community Members

    Latest Feature Friday:

    06 Oct 2018 Google+ Community Update 11836 Community Members

    Usage Limits on Address Geocoding

    1) We use Google Maps to geocode address values --- i.e. to convert a street address into a lat-long location that can be shown on a map.
    2) Google has recently raised prices on their geocoding and mapping service about 100-fold.
    3) A small number of AppSheet accounts have a large number of Address values and this is causing an unsustainable geocoding cost.
    4) For most of our customers, this is a non-issue. If you receive no alert from us, please IGNORE the rest of this post.
    5) If your account falls in this category, we will alert you. We will request you to set up your own Google Maps account and register it with AppSheet. This takes about five minutes. Google gives each such account $200/month of free credit, so it should almost always be free for any specific AppSheet customer.
    6) Optionally, we can switch you to a "standard-precision" geocoding mechanism instead. The addresses will still be geocoded, but not at the ultra-high- precision of Google Maps.
    7) More details here: google-maps

    We always want to be transparent in what we do, and why. I welcome and value your feedback on this change.

    Let me explain why this has become a necessity right now. Earlier this summer, Google Maps (the API we use for high-precision address geocoding) announced that it was going to raise prices by an extraordinary level – about 100-fold. The new pricing scheme costs $5 per 1000 addresses geocoded. Therefore, a single AppSheet app today from a free account even, could load a sheet with 10000 addresses and cost us $50 of charges in just one day. We support tens of thousands of accounts and this adds up very quickly.

    That is why we've introduced new mechanisms for the high-usage customers to continue to use geocoding, without disrupting the vast majority of our customers who work on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, it adds some friction to high-usage customers, but I hope you can understand and work through it with us.

    03 Oct 2018 Google+ Community Update 11809 Community Members

    Version 12.9

    What’s New

    Fixed a recent bug causing apps with offline caching to crash on sync.

    24 Sep 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 12.8

    What’s New

    Replaced the notifications icon.
    Bug fixes.

    17 Sep 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Hi everyone, we're looking for people interested in testing out a new feature that lets you use voice commands with your app, similar to Siri or Google Assistant.

    Take a look at this video and let me know if you're interested in trying it out and giving feedback.

    03 Sep 2018 Google+ Community Update 11570 Community Members

    Google Sheets bug --- "internal server error"

    A few users have reported that they are seeing an "internal server error" when their apps try to read data from a Google Sheet.

    ​We believe this bug was introduced in the last few days by Google.

    To reproduce it outside AppSheet, go to your Google Sheet and try to export the file to the Excel format. It will hit an error.

    We suspect that it is related to color formatting rules applied to rows. So I'd suggest that you remove color formatting until it is able to successfully export to Excel. If it does, then your AppSheet apps will start working too.

    22 Aug 2018 Google+ Community Update 11466 Community Members