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    An app "sketch" --- try it out and give us feedback

    We just started a trial of something new that +Tony Fader [AppSheet] and +Sarah Gould [AppSheet] have been working on. If you go to the Info -> Dashboard pane of your app, you'll see a new birds-eye view of your app. We're calling this a "sketch" for now, but really, it is a high-level description of the app.

    Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We expect to enhance this significantly in the next few weeks and also make it possible to build apps at this higher-level

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    14 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 10047 Community Members

    What's New

    Photo changes

    10 Mar 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Yay! Congratulations everyone on 10,000 community members! :-)

    09 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 10001 Community Members

    What's New

    Improved handling of Intent URLs

    03 Mar 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Do not use the LastPass browser extension!!

    Heads up --- some of you have complained about horrible app editor performance. And it turns out this is because of the LastPass browser extension. From some Google searching, it seems to be a problem others are complaining about as well. If you can, please disable or uninstall that browser extension. If you must use LastPass, you can exclude the site from it.

    In any event, if you have an app with many tables and columns, you will be really happy after you disable LastPass.

    28 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 9917 Community Members

    We are performing some maintenance of our backend support systems that may affect the availability of our support email alias [email protected]

    If you are on a plan that includes email support and you need to contact us, please use the form at or send your issue to [email protected] Thanks.

    25 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 9891 Community Members

    User Access Control via Active Directory

    We've now completed the somewhat painful process of revamping our authentication process for all Office365/OneDrive based accounts. This should have been entirely transparent to all of you, but when you sign in, you are now using a newer Microsoft API for authentication. This also allows us to now rollout support for user access control via Active Directory groups.

    In other words, instead of maintaining an explicit whitelist for your app, you can make your app accessible to a group of users maintained centrally by your organization (eg: SalesManagers or MembersOfProjectAlpha or . any other such group)

    16 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 9804 Community Members

    Hey there. We'll show how to build an app that posts to Twitter, an app that sends push notifications to users, and show you the best tips and tricks for database apps during Office Hours. If you are around 9:00am PST (in about an hour). Feel free to join the webinar! Here's +Gwen Chen [AppSheet] post:

    09 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 9735 Community Members

    What's New

    Fix for camera permissions on Oreo

    07 Feb 2018 Google Play Release Update

    New Editor Feature: System-generated "Ref" Views

    It is now easier to control all the views used in the app. Some of these views (eg: the Detail view used to show a single row, the Form view used to edit/add a row, or the Inline view used to show related rows) have always been implicitly generated by the system. In order to override these, you had to create your own 'Ref' views.

    We have now made these implicit system-generated views visible to you and editable by you. On the UX -> Views pane, there is a link at the bottom to show/hide "System Views". So you can easily find and change the views as necessary. This is part of our ongoing effort to increase the level of control provided to the advanced app creator.

    This change has already rolled out to all app creators on Free plans and will roll out fully this coming week.

    05 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 9674 Community Members