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    Request for a product review

    I have a request for those of you who use AppSheet and have encouraging things to say :]. There is a well-known review site called G2Crowd which is publishing a comparison of no-code platforms. At the moment, we fall short of the minimum number of reviews needed to qualify. We would much appreciate it if you could add a review.

    I will say upfront that it is a somewhat laborious process at G2Crowd. It will take about 10 minutes to complete and they want you to signin with LinkedIn. Apologies in advance!. Here is the link.

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    11 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 10465 Community Members


    +Grant Stead from our user community was asked by a client to evaluate Microsoft PowerApps instead of AppSheet. Here's his take. Of course I loved it only because Grant writes so well :]. If you like it, please take a second to "clap" on the Medium article. 484af375f19

    08 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 10452 Community Members

    Feature Friday --- 5 days late!

    Santiago is traveling on work. He did create the regular Feature Friday blog post but didn't have a chance to create a post it here in the community. So I'm doing it on his behalf. A brief summary for you:

    1) AirTable data source
    2) Enable/disable format rules and workflow rules
    3) Subset table actions in a slice defintion
    4) Force a sync via an action/app link

    A few more things you might be interested in:

    1) SORT() function for lists : (useful in particular for ordering a dropdown created with a Valid_If constraint) /expression-types/list-expressions-and-aggregates
    2) You can control the folder used to store images captured by an app. In fact, you can even set up multiple folders to steer images to.
    3) You can reorder format rules in the app editor

    26 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 10381 Community Members

    Version 11.7

    What’s New

    Added NFC support: Scan NFC tags to quickly fill up your forms, or to quickly load your app with a deep-link.

    24 Apr 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Asking for fewer permissions during app user signin

    So far, when app users signin to use an AppSheet app, they are asked for the same auth permissions as an app creator. This was really an exercise in keeping things simple for us, but it caused concerns among some of our customers.

    So we are rolling out a change to ask for much more limited auth scope from app users. The details are in the linked article and this should be out to all our customers over the next two weeks.

    Certain apps (like the default App Gallery) still need full permissions. However, most of the apps you build and send to your users will be fine with more limited permissions. permissions-to-your-cloud-provider

    21 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 10345 Community Members

    User engagement: feedback, notify, and more ...

    We're starting to provide features to let you (app creators) engage better with your app users. The first two features are:
    (a) the Feedback option in the app menu --- this lets one of your users send you free-form feedback that gets sent to you via an email
    (b) the Notify Users option --- this lets you identify users who you have invited to use your app but have never even signed up to AppSheet. You can send these users a reminder email.

    We have more such engagement features in the pipeline, but would love to hear your thoughts about what would be useful to you

    20 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 10336 Community Members

    New Feature Friday!

    Couple of updates to Spec and more resources to have more engagement and collect feedback from app users. Check it out!

    07 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 10233 Community Members

    We're currently experimenting with the adding new NFC capabilities to our apps.
    I would love to hear from any AppSheet users that may use NFC in their apps. What kind of use cases you had in mind? Which NFC format would you prefer? etc...
    Please leave your comment here or email me directly.


    05 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 10216 Community Members

    Three new (small) features: user notifications, user reminders, and slice system views.

    1) You'll see a Notify button at the top left of the editor menu. This takes you straight to the broadcast notifications pane. Useful if you need to send a quick message to your app users on their devices.
    2) In the Users pane, along with the whitelist, you'll see if each person has responded or not to the app invitation by signing up for an AppSheet account. if not, you can click a link to send them a reminder.
    3) We first provided system views a few weeks ago for tables --- now this has been extended to slices as well. System views are now automatically generated for slices that can be accessed via the UI.

    03 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 10196 Community Members

    An app "sketch" --- try it out and give us feedback

    We just started a trial of something new that +Tony Fader [AppSheet] and +Sarah Gould [AppSheet] have been working on. If you go to the Info -> Dashboard pane of your app, you'll see a new birds-eye view of your app. We're calling this a "sketch" for now, but really, it is a high-level description of the app.

    Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We expect to enhance this significantly in the next few weeks and also make it possible to build apps at this higher-level

    14 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 10047 Community Members