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    We're excited to announce that the new AppSheet Creator Community is live!

    As many of you are aware, Google+ Communities will be shut down soon, and our new community environment is now live at:

    As of Monday March 18th, this Google+ Community will no longer be monitored.

    A few tips for getting started:

    - There are some posts from G+ that have been migrated to the new community. If you login with the same Google account, you may see a history of activity associated with your new community profile.

    - You can earn trust levels & activity badges by contributing posts & answering questions in the community.

    - We'd like to hear your feedback, and will be making adjustments to the new community based on what users want to see. Please share your thoughts!

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    16 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 12983 Community Members

    FIXED: Google Sheets Quota Error

    UPDATE: Looks like Google fixed the problem at their end. In parallel, we had tried deploying a workaround, but we have now un-deployed that and are back to a healthy system. Waiting on Google for a post-mortem.

    Downtime was approx 2:05PM PST to 3:20PM PST -- 1 hr 15 mins

    We are investigating. Lots of folks reporting issues.

    12 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 12962 Community Members

    Just echoing the latest Feature Friday

    14 Feb 2019 Google+ Community Update 12802 Community Members

    Improvements to Zapier and the API.

    We have improved our support for Zapier and for the API.

    1. We have add a new Zapier "Search Action" that allows you to find an existing record based on its key value. Appsheet returns all of the field values from the record. You can use these field values in subsequent Zapier actions.

    2. All Zapier actions now return all field values of Added, Deleted, or Updated records. This is especially useful when you add a record having an Appsheet assigned key value, because you can now use that key value in subsequent Zapier actions.

    3. We have improved error reporting. We now return an appropriate HTTP status code and a more meaningful message when an error occurs.

    AppSheet's Zapier support is available through a Zapier Beta program.

    If you are already enrolled in the Zapier Beta program, you can begin making use of these improvements now. When creating a new 'Zap' or updating and existing one, just look for version 2.0.0 of the AppSheet app.

    If you are not enrolled in the Zapier Beta program, you can enroll in it here: invite/4368/597ae61fde8ebae08b865d92d46817be/

    To learn more about using AppSheet with Zapier see:
    1. zap-to-your-app
    2. /integrate-with-zapier

    These improvements are also available when you invoke the API directly.

    To learn more about the API see:

    We are anxious to get your feedback regarding both Zapier and the API. We plan to make Zapier generally available once the Beta is complete. We encourage you to use both and tell us what you think.

    05 Feb 2019 Google+ Community Update 12745 Community Members

    New Data -> Columns view in the editor

    Starting tomorrow, we are beginning to rollout a new implementation of the Data -> Columns pane. Once fully rolled out to customers, it should allow the editor to get a bit faster, plus some other benefits.

    If you'd like to get a jumpstart on trying it out now or at any time this week, you can add &newEditor=true in the address bar. For example:

    I expect this won't be perfectly 1:1 to the old columns pane. If there are things that are missing, or irritants, or suggestions for improvement, please do let us know.

    31 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 12729 Community Members

    New editor behaviors

    We just released an update to the app editor that collapses sections to make them easier to read. We're still making further changes this week to remember the expanded/collapsed state across multiple uses. Based on what you see so far, I would appreciate your feedback as to whether this makes it easier to understand and use the editor.

    08 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 12505 Community Members

    Thanksgiving in the USA --- team holiday

    Hi all, the next few days are a slow time here in the US, as we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is traditionally a time to reflect on things to be grateful for. As a team, we are amazed every day by the ideas we see all of you exploring in the apps you build, by the enthusiasm you show, and by your generous participation in this broader community of app creators.

    At Thanksgiving, many people travel to be with family and friends. That is true of our team as well. We will still have someone handling support issues every day (big thanks to +Dinh Nguyen Nguyen [AppSheet]!) but please expect some issues to take longer to resolve.

    We will be back at full strength on Monday.

    24 Nov 2018 Google+ Community Update 12190 Community Members

    Follow @appsheet on Twitter

    We're going to start posting a steady stream of insights, "what's the devs are working on" stuff, plus observations about app patterns we are seeing, etc.

    I might even make an honest observation about Microsoft PowerApps once in a while :] -- be sure to retweet those.

    20 Nov 2018 Google+ Community Update 12147 Community Members

    Congratulations everyone for 12000 community members! Such a great platform, with over 1 million apps created! :-)

    However for me it is with mixed emotions to see Google+ decommissioning in less than a year. Hopefully we continue on to another type of community or a forum like website that could be a proper substitute for this great original AppSheet community.

    03 Nov 2018 Google+ Community Update 12022 Community Members

    Version 13.0

    What’s New

    Added support for barcode-93 scans.
    Sound for incoming notifications add.
    Bug fixes.

    31 Oct 2018 Google Play Release Update