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Shuttle Beta Testers Last 10 Updates

    Version 2.0.8

    What’s New


    - Work around major Android Platform bug. Shuttle will now show a 'Shuttle service running...' at times when the 'Music Service' is being started up. This notification will last up to 12.5 seconds, and then will automatically dismiss.

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    18 Feb 2019 Google Play Release Update

    Version 2.0.7

    What’s New

    - Reduced duration of music fade in / fade out
    - Major refactoring of various parts of code, to improve maintainability. This is likely to introduce a few bugs, I'll be looking into those immediately.

    11 Feb 2019 Google Play Release Update

    There's now a discord server for Shuttle:


    I'll be migrating away from Google+ and towards this channel. Please join me :)

    10 Oct 2018 Google+ Community Update 5446 Community Members

    Version 2.0.6

    What’s New


    - Fixed issue where player would pause seemingly at random, when started from the headset, bluetooth or widget.

    11 Sep 2018 Google Play Release Update

    v2.0.6-beta3 is out, and fixes the random pausing issue. Thanks for all your help solving this one.

    03 Sep 2018 Google+ Community Update 5455 Community Members

    There's a new beta on the way, v2.0.6-beta2.

    The only change is a bunch of additional logging to help track down the issue where music randomly pauses.

    If you're someone who is experiencing this issue, and you are able to access system logs via adb/logcat, can you please try to reproduce the issue, and then dump the logs and either email them to [email protected], or send them to me on Slack (

    All logs are useful from just before music started playing until just after it stopped.


    30 Aug 2018 Google+ Community Update 5449 Community Members

    If you're one of the Shuttle users experiencing an issue where the app is randomly pausing, please get in touch.

    I'm looking for any and all information about this problem.

    - When it happens.
    - Whether the app is in the foreground, or background, or swiped away from recents.
    - Whether you're using headphones or not. If bluetooth is on or off. What else you're doing with the device.
    - What type of song you're playing.
    - How long until it pauses.
    - Device, Android version
    - System logs, if available.

    Any information at all, so I can try and see if there's some kind of pattern. I can't reproduce this issue on my own devices, so I'm really stuck!

    27 Aug 2018 Google+ Community Update 5443 Community Members

    Version 2.0.5

    What’s New


    - Android Auto!
    - Major improvements to color theming
    - Queue improvements
    - Punched some cows in Skalitz
    - Lots of crash fixes

    See in app changelog for more details.

    20 Aug 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Shuttle v2.0.5 has been released to the Play Store.

    It's been 5 or 6 months since the last update. There's been a lot of progress on other aspects of the app that aren't quite beta-ready, but there's also been some pretty major improvements that did make it into this release.



    - Added support for Android Auto.

    - Improved artwork based colour selection. Shuttle now chooses nicer colours from the artwork, and themes the text and buttons on the now playing screen accordingly.

    - Updated to a fresh, more subtle mini-player.

    - Improvements to the queue. No longer 'flashes' when the queue changes. Drag & drop is smoother now.

    - Don't show albums in playlist detail view

    - Added option to display artwork in song list. On by default.

    - Added number of songs & total time to queue

    - Added total time to album, artist & genre detail screens

    - Don't show podcasts in various song listings. Podcasts now only show up in the 'podcast' playlist.

    - Display number of songs and duration in playlist detail view

    - 'Play Next' in queue now moves the song to the next position instead of duplicating the song into the queue

    - Lots of behind the scenes improvements

    - Updated translations


    - Fixed medium sized widget display issues

    - Fixed an issue where various menu options triggered incorrect actions

    - Fixed an issue when attempting to play an empty queue from the widget or headset button

    - Fixed an issue where playing a track would sometimes fail, so the app would quickly move to the next song, which may fail, and so on.

    - Fixed an issue where the shuffle icon wasn't shown when shuffle was on

    - Fixed an issue where whitelisting a file also blacklisted it

    - Fixed an issue where genres couldn't be added to playlists

    - Fixed an issue where date added order was ignored in recently added playlist

    - Fixed a crash when sending a media button pause command while app isn't running

    - Fixed a crash when using Dashclock

    - Fixed a crash when viewing the queue on tablet devices

    - Fixed a crash when moving to landscape mode

    - Fixed a bug where the media player was queried many times per second, potentially resulting in performance issues.

    - Various other crash fixes

    18 Aug 2018 Google+ Community Update 5440 Community Members

    I'm noticing a fair few crashes on Android P. If you're running the beta/developer preview for Android P and experiencing these crashes, please get in touch!

    09 Jul 2018 Google+ Community Update 5429 Community Members