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eny beta

Beta Update from 21 Sep 2017
By Google Play

What's New

Major Notification Overhaul!

Notifications now push out your interests to you whether the phone is asleep or locked without devastating your battery! Never miss out on the mini events you love and still have enough juice for everything else!

Lots of fixes and improvements:

-Memory improvements

-Search filtering improvements

-Hashtag autocompletion

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App Description

Events Near You is a community of users sharing location-based events everywhere and "enywhere". With ENY you get a bird's-eye view of the stuff going on around you right now. From garage sales to street musicians, pickup basketball to craft beer tastings.

ENY is seriously committed to making sure you are never bored, ever again.

ENY can be used for private or commercial use as a platform to broadcast or view nearby happenings called "Pings".

It's simple. Make a Ping and label it with a few hashtags and a time. Anyone who has saved those hashtags as an interest will be notified if they come within close range of your Ping while it's going on.

If a Ping is too far away from you, or isn't labeled with your interests, it won't bother you!

TestingCatalog Rating: 7
Community Status: Open

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