Peak Flow beta - Peak Flow allows you to record your daily peak flow readings and helps you to keep track of your Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Peak Flow beta

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Peak Flow beta

Beta Update from 22 Dec 2017
By Google Play

What's New

  • New Import feature.

  • Bug fixes.

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App Description

Before each release, Peak Flow undergoes a period of testing. This ensures that Peak Flow is the best it can be when it reaches users devices. If you would like to help test Peak Flow and make it the best it can be, please read on.

Signing up to become a Beta testers is a very simple process. Just follow the link below and opt in to the testing programme. You will then be able to download the Beta release from the Google Play Store as before:

Peak Flow v1.3 is currently available for testing. This release brings with it a number of enhancements and fixes: Added pre & post medication support. Export can now be ordered by ascending/descending reading date. Start day for weekly chart now defined in settings. Added German language support. Improved graph UI for higher resolution screens. General UI Improvements. Improved support for Android 5+. Fix back button control. Bug fixes. Details of how to send your feedback can be found on the Play Store. Of course, please feel free to email me directly if you prefer at: [email protected]

Thanks! Your help is very much appreciated.

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