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    Hi guys. we are preparing a new beta for you, that should be more stable than the previous build. Will be available later today.

    But long awaited answer for your questions, where will our beta community move from google+:
    We have good experience from iOS beta group on Facebook, so we decided to create new beta testers group for Android users.
    Check this out:

    We also changed the way, how beta users can get beta updates - now you can easily choose in GooglePlay by yourself, if you want beta build or producition one.

    p.s.: if you are strongly decided, that you dont want to register on FB, you can still send us feedback about new beta builds directly from Google Play ("private feedback to developer") -> BUT you will not know about older reports from other users

    Thank you guys!!!
    Have a nice weekend

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    30 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 3295 Community Members

    Hi beta testers!
    We have a new beta for you 17.9.2 with big map update.
    Please let us know, if you find some errors in maps.
    Thank you ;)
    Have a nice weekend
    Drive safe !

    16 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 3311 Community Members

    hi guys, we have new beta today 17.9.1 !
    added are more crashfixes - corrupted settings shouldnt occur anymore (after corrupted settings, you could experience reset of app language to english e.g.)
    have a nice weekend
    drive safe

    12 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 3312 Community Members

    hi guys, we have new beta for you 17.9.0
    we fixed many crashes and RTL layouts.
    slowly we are approaching to release candidate :)
    we added Autocomplete to search - blue arrow near search results.
    drive safe

    08 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 3317 Community Members

    hello beta testers

    we uploaded new beta 17.7.2 with many fixes:
    better error messages about GooglePlay product restore
    Manage maps - splitted maps - option "remove all" is displayed again only one time (smile)
    search - recents - save as POIs, not adresses
    search results - display also postal code for results
    if app is started from desktop shortcut, dont restore previous route on app start
    some accessibility issues fixed
    trial users are prompted to sign in
    Cockpit - fixed speed diagram; max G is shown
    fix for proximity sensor on Huawei devices - voice commands
    fix for TTS - follow the route for x Million/thousnad miles
    fix for RTL - lane assist and notification centre overlapped

    this build is planned to be promoted to production

    thank you

    drive safe !

    03 Mar 2019 Google+ Community Update 3232 Community Members

    Hi guys
    We have a special beta build for you. This is just for the BETA community and not for production (or cracks shared online).
    Some customers wrote us, that Sygic consumed too many mobile data from their paid mobile data packages. We want to analyse, what can be the cause. So we created NetworkMonitor in Sygic app, that will save information about every donwload and upload inside Sygic app. These stats are saved to Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/Res/cache/downloads/netmonitorlog.csv file.

    Please drive with this build for a week, with mobile data turned ON and then share these stats files with us.

    We expect for example, that traffic data should download aprox. 2MB per hour.

    thank you very much

    p.s.: you can find some small features hidden in this build, that will be available for production little later (e.g. collapsable notification center with Pois On Route)

    Drive safe with few Megabytes lost :)
    Have a nice weekend

    17 Feb 2019 Google+ Community Update 3244 Community Members


    we have a new beta for you - 17.7.0 again with available addon Cockpit

    manage voices - mandatory voice can be manually downloaded
    fix for android car head units - notification channel "null"
    fix for traffic - previously in some cases (when delay was 0) traffic caused shorter Duration time
    routing improvement - route is calculated again, when start point is in "special" area (resident zone, private parking ...)
    fix for CockPit - when entering tunnel
    fixed refresh of AGPS data

    Please, if you have some problematic route calculation, send us start and end points, so we can check.

    thank you

    drive safe!

    31 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 3273 Community Members


    We have a new beta 17.6.4 again without CockPit, that is meant to go quickly to production. (next update should have Cockpit again available)

    added Glympse disclaimer "Shared route doesn’t include waypoints. Glympse watchers can see only route to your desination."
    Route selection screen - autostart is started, after first route is calculated + when waypoint is added, then refresh info in BottomSheet
    SmartBluetooth is hidden and turned OFF
    fix for RealView in tunnel (was automatically turned off)
    *support for Croatian and Serbian TTS

    thank you

    25 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 3276 Community Members

    hi guys, please did you find some errors in new maps? missing postal codes, one ways .... thanks :) meantime we will investigate app process of map updates.

    15 Jan 2019 Google+ Community Update 3280 Community Members

    Version 17.4.28

    What’s New

    Map update
    Up-to date maps with the most recent roads and places

    13 Jan 2019 Google Play Release Update