Messenger wars update and beta news from week #2

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Messenger wars update and beta news from week #2

Greetings testers. We are keeping an eye on the shift in user attention from one set of apps to another as usual but this week it became a trending topic for other tech news media as well. Why is that?

What's new?

  • 📬 Messenger wars and who is winning
  • 📺 CES impact on apps news
  • 🎙 Voice early access invites for Android users

Messenger wars and who is winning

If you are reading this newsletter then it is very likely that you have a bunch of all possible messengers installed on your phone since they were out. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Fb Messenger and others. For a lot of Android users, it is not the case and a lot of them tend to stick to apps that they are used to.

Since last week, due to a new user agreement for WhatsApp and also due to a recent situation around the ban of Parler app, a lot of people started switching out from WhatsApp to other apps that are more privacy-friendly. Both Telegram and Signal were clear winners in this situation and also both sides took advantage of it by opening huge AMA threads.

CES impact on apps news

CES conference, where many hardware brands exhibit their innovations is taking place this week. And as usual, this event produces a lot of news that you can see on every tech website.

This makes it a bit harder to find news about apps and not the hardware but this is exactly why we are here and what you will find if you scroll to the end of this newsletter 😎

Voice early access invites for Android users

Voice early access invites started triggering for more Android users. Voice is a token-based social network focused around real user profiles. The concept is close to Telepath app because it is invite based and you have to create a profile for your real personality under the real name. And there is a concept of tokens that you can earn and use for different things. Now you can follow TestingCatalog there as well 🔥

I will have some invites left that are likely going to be shared in our Telegram group next week.

Did you get your Voice already? 😎