Medium for Android got a new beta-testing community on Reddit

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Medium for Android got a new beta-testing community on Reddit

Medium Beta is one of the oldest beta programs around. Medium beta testing community existed in Google+ in 2014 when many popular apps didn't even think about having a beta release track.

Many things changed since then - Google+ doesn't exist anymore, Medium got a new logo and app design. If I remember it correctly, the community on Google+ had around 10k ppl in total. The same as many other beta testing communities on Google+, Medium community had to be migrated somewhere and they decided to go with a Reddit community as an alternative to Google+.

Medium beta community on Reddit 📲

I guess that a decision to use Reddit was made quite after Google+ went down. At this moment, Medium beta community has only 89 members including me.

I think that Reddit is a nice place for a community of beta testers in general and it has all the necessary features.

Medium beta community is styled in Medium colour scheme, it has a pinned link to the beat program on Goole Play on top and it has several flairs to tag your posts with.

The flairs are the following:

  • Feedback. Can be used for general feedback about the app.
  • Feature requests. For new features, which you may want to see.
  • Bugs. Any possible issue or bug can go here.
  • Announcements. This one is primarily for moderators to announce new updates and changes.

Here is the official announcement message from Medium devs.

Thank you so much for being a Medium user and welcome to /r/MediumApp. The purpose of this subreddit is to help us communicate and collect feedback from our users more effectively. We appreciate and care deeply about issues that are reported here and will make our best efforts to address them in future updates. If you have submitted a post and don't receive an immediate response, please know that we are trying our best to get to your post along with everyone else's. While the moderators may not be able to respond to every single post, we will make our best effort to address the most important issues. When an immediate solution isn't available, we'll share as much information as we can in regards to the issue being discussed.
If you have not yet joined the beta community, please tap on the link on the menu to do so.
Thank you again for helping us make Medium better.

Medium Beta community rules:

  1. Be civil. No racist, transphobic, homophobic, or otherwise offensive and hateful comments are allowed here. Please be respectful of everyone.
  2. No spam or unrelatable content. Please post things related to Medium.
  3. No self-promotion

Medium devs also added a link to this community inside their Android app. You can open app drawer > press settings > press join our community > get redirected to the Reddit community.

By the way - don't forget to join Reddit Beta if you didn't already!

Now I am curious to see how will it work for them and what influence will it have on Medium app development.

What is your favourite place for a beta testing community? Some apps are using Reddit, some apps using Telegram or Discord. I definitely like Telegram but other options are quite good as well.

P.S. You can read TestingCatalog on Medium too! Follow TestingCatalog on Medium 📲

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