Maps Beta

Maps Beta

Travel in every place around the world with ease and by using the best GPS navigation system available. With it, you are never going to get lost again. Obtain real-life traffic and public transit information, find addresses and more about businesses and whatnot, right from the Google Maps app for Android. Glaze through streets with Street View just by swiping across the screen on your phone or tablet. Look at the Earth’s natural beauties from a satellite view and see the unseen.

Turn-by-turn GPS navigation

The built-in GPS navigation system in the app has a voice assistant, which will guide you throughout your rides or walks, offering you an easy and overall great experience by giving you information about what turn is next, after how long of a distance and how much time is left to get to your desired destination.

Real-time traffic information

Always be in touch with the current traffic conditions in your hometown, or your way to a selected destination like your workplace. Save time with the automatic rerouting due to traffic jams, or possible difficulties caused by an incident or a bad weather. Get instant updates on your Android device about any of the aforementioned foreseeable problems that may occur.

Public transport

Keep in touch with schedules for buses, trains, or ride-shares in your city.


Discover places to eat, sleep, do shopping and for entertainment, attend near-by events and even explore foreign towns in foreign countries like a pro. Go everywhere and never lose your way. Read or give reviews for restaurants and hotels regarding their service qualities and interior/exterior designs to help other people make better choices. Check out collections of in-door images to easily navigate yourself inside stadiums, airplane stations, malls and publish some photos, taken with your camera from your perspective. Learn about the trending places and get AI-powered suggestions for newly opened businesses in your area, or around places you are interested in.

Street View

With Street View, you get to browse across streets and see real imagery of the buildings and surroundings, just like you are there.

Offline maps

Download maps for offline use for selected areas and use turn-by-turn navigation without an internet connection. Great for places with no cellular reception like mountains, caves or similar, or when you do not have a data plan.

Group planning

Plan future trips with your friends and family easily with Google Maps by sharing shortlists with each other and voting for them. For a detailed overview of this feature: “Google Maps 9.88.0 brings Group planning (Shortlists) and some tiny design changes”


Get ride-sharing options inside the Maps app from services like Uber and Lyft, with extra details about estimated time and fare.

Share real-time location

You can share your current location with people for specific periods of time and they can track you in real-time.

Some features are limited in availability, depending on the country you live in.