ICYMI: Smart Launcher 6 got released to all beta users

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ICYMI: Smart Launcher 6 got released to all beta users

Smart Launcher is known for its categorised apps grid, minimalistic design and responsiveness. This is the latest SL version that was in development for more than a year. It got rolled out around a month ago to all beta users. The whole UI got restyled and looks more fluid in general.

The fluid grid system is another addition that wasn't available before. It makes it possible to place widgets and icons in a classic way one next to each other. Apps grid view now becomes a widget and can be placed on any page.

Smart Launcher 6 customisation settings

Customisation options got improved as well. The new ambient theme, widget customisation settings and more stuff can be found in the General Appearance section.

What's new?

  • Fluid grid system
  • Icon group widget
  • Advanced widget editing
  • Rotate on the go
  • Icon labels on home page
  • Ambient theme 2.0
  • Change widget radius and fonts
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