How to report bugs for Telegram X on Android

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How to report bugs for Telegram X on Android

The devs are using Telegram X as a testing platform for developing new features and implementing huge design changes. It's built with the focus being on performance and sleek animations. It has gained a huge popularity since it's official launch and now it has more than 5 million installs on the Play Store. Due to these reasons, a bug can always occur and here's our guide on how to write a bug report. But before that, be sure to subscribe for the Telegram X beta program.

Useful info

Bug reports

When reporting bugs, please, include these things:

  • The steps to reproduce (if you are able to reproduce it)
  • Android Version (there are many version-specific issues)
  • Device name & manufacturer (there are many device-specific issues)
  • App version code (also check if you have the latest version installed). Don’t use terms like “the latest”
  • Screen recording or screenshots with steps to reproduce are highly appreciated
  • For keyboard-related bugs, include keyboard name & version Remember: Developers can't fix bugs that they can't reproduce.

Logs: To enable the logs settings, you have to tap 10 times on the app version at the bottom.

A bug report example

Issue: Quick reply from the notification bar doesn't send the message.
App version: 963
Device: Google Pixel 2 XL
Android: Stock 8.1.0
Steps to reproduce: When you get a message, tap on the Reply button, write something and hit Send. The message is not visible in the app though.

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