How to report bugs for Google beta, and in general too

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How to report bugs for Google beta, and in general too

The Google app is one of the essentials for an Android user, giving access to services like Google Feed and Assistant. Because TestingCatalog is a place meant for beta testing and reporting bugs, we are going to give you some tips on how to make better bug reports and particularly for the Google app. With that said, here are some very useful tips we prepared:

Think of a bug report like a good tweet: You want it short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Title: The title should be like a summary of the issue.
  • Environment
  • Device: Which device are you using and its specific model/variant?
  • OS: Which version of the OS the issue occurred on?
  • App version: What is the exact version number of the application that you are testing?
  • Connection type (if applicable): Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular data? What is the speed of the connection?
  • Reproducibility Rate: How many times have you been able to reproduce the error, using the exact steps you’ve taken to activate the bug? It’s also useful to report how many times the bug has been reproduced vs. the number of attempts it’s taken to reproduce the issue, in case it’s an intermittent occurrence.
  • Steps to reproduce: Please, list each and every step in an order.
  • Expected result: What should happen when you trigger the call-to-action?
  • Actual result: Here’s the result of the bug. Does the application crash? Does nothing happen at all? Is an error displayed?
  • Proof: Any pertinent screenshots, videos, or log files should be attached. If the issue requires steps to trigger the bug, then a video is required. If the bug is, let's say, a minor UI issue that is always present, then a screenshot will suffice. Logs are also required no matter the issue.

How to report bugs for Google beta

  1. Open the app.
  2. Navigate to the settings by tapping on the menu button on the far right at the bottom toolbar.
  3. Select 'Send feedback'.
  4. Describe the issue according to our tips and hit 'Send' at the top. It automatically sens screenshots, logs, and device info.

How to become a beta tester for Google app?

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