[Sponsored] Pay or get paid on-the-go with Pocket ATM

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[Sponsored] Pay or get paid on-the-go with Pocket ATM

Finding your way in the realm of online payments is not the easiest task in the world. There are a few services like PayPal that are certainly very well established and do have a huge userbase, but the invoices section is pretty much a mess there, telling you from experience.

Luckily, our sponsor for this article, Pocket ATM, is a web-based app which does what it is supposed to. By using it, users can make quick payments and receive money via PayPal, but without the hassle of having to create and manage invoices. You type in your email address, how much and in which currency you'd like to be compensated in, and share the generated QR code with your buyer. That's it!

At its current state, Pocket ATM does have a few kinks and quirks that need a bit of extra polish, but be on the lookout for further updates to remedy all problems.

Pocket ATM on Google Play


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