Facebook Collections feature overview and how to use them

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Facebook Collections feature overview and how to use them

Collections are a Facebook feature, which lets you save and categorize content, e.g. photos, videos, events and so on, directly from the Feed by allowing users to create their own ones. This is useful when you do not have time to read or watch content from a post, which is indeed very important to you, then you can save it for later.

This is a server-side feature but you can increase your chances to get it by joining the Facebook Alpha testing program.

Here is a short guide for saving a post and adding it to a collection.

  1. To save a post, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of a publication and hit 'Save post' / 'Save product' (in groups).
  2. To access the 'Saved' page, select the menu button (three bars) in the far right of the toolbar and scroll down a bit until you see it.
  3. If you want to create a new collection, hit the blue 'New collection' (with a '+' sign in it) button. Also, when adding an item to a collection, there is always an option to make a new one.

These are the basics of this feature, which is indeed useful for those people, who save recipes for meals, anecdotes, manage multiple social media accounts, etcetera, so, this allows them to better sort content. There are endless possibilities to name a collection, being it content dependent or just something random. You can also sort content in the 'Saved' tab by the following 6 types: Links, Videos, Photos, Not in a collection, Unopened only and All.

I guess, this is it for this time. Please, leave us a comment saying what collections you have made, and see you!