Discord experiments with AI-powered chat summaries feature

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Discord SummariesAI experiment
Discord SummariesAI experiment

Discord is running an experiment for SummarizesAI where it is testing a feature which can automatically generate a summary for chat conversations. This feature is AI-powered and only available on a small number of servers. When enabled, it shows an expandable Summary bar on top of the chat history.

How to Access & Use the Feature:

Since this feature is currently only available to a small number of servers, you might not see it on your server yet. If you do have access to the feature, here's how to use it:

  1. Locate the expandable Summary bar on top of the chat history.
  2. Tap the Summary bar to open a window with a list of summaries.
  3. Skim through the summaries and tap on any of them to navigate to the relevant part of the chat history.
  4. Provide feedback on the summarized chat block by giving it a thumbs up or down.

In the summary popup, you can see a timestamp, the number of messages counted for the summary, and previews of 2 avatars of involved users.

Benefits of the Feature:

This AI-powered chat summaries feature will be incredibly useful for DAOs and organizations using Discord for communication. It often comes as a challenge to stay up to date with all topics and conversations happening on the platform. With the help of AI-powered features like this, it should become easier to manage and stay informed.

Discord App Context:

Discord is a popular communication platform that offers voice, video, and text communication services. With millions of users worldwide, Discord is widely used by gamers, communities, and organizations for real-time communication, collaboration, and social networking.

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