CoinGecko got a new look and an easy way to manage your crypto portfolio

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CoinGecko got a new look and an easy way to manage your crypto portfolio

Coingecko app is a popular cryptocurrency tracker with loads of different features. Now it got a major update to version 2.0.0 that came along with an app redesign. All parts of the app got a new rounded and modern look. When it comes to choosing a colour scheme between lite and dark modes, now they are more comfortable to view.

Bear in mind that it is a first major release so it is expected for the app to have a bunch of minor updates coming afterwards. Currently, some actions take a bit of time to be finished.

One functional addition could be spotted in the portfolio section where you can now easily swipe to left in order to add a coin to your watchlist.

What's new?

- 👀 new year new me frens: v2 of our app brings a new coat of paint & feel! Tell us your favorite parts!
- Day & Night mode colors re-designed with viewing comfort in mind; accentuating what matters to you: price, percentage changes & charts
- You can now easily add new coins to your portfolios and create many price alerts with a simple swipe to left on coins! #BTFD
- Overhauled heavier parts of the app so v2 runs faster!

If you are opening this app to claim its daily candy rewards, you will find that its rewards tab is now easier to browse as cards got much smaller now.

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