Byte beta got "rebytes" and "likes" tabs under profile page on Android

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Byte beta got "rebytes" and "likes" tabs under profile page on Android

Byte beta got updated to version 1.2.17 and it got some new features that may help you to keep track on your past activities in a better way. Here is a full changelog:

- your rebytes and likes are now tabs on your profile. you can show/hide your likes in your profile settings
- we now display approximate seconds watched instead of loop count. note that there is a slight margin of error (the real number is generally a little higher than what we're showing). we're working on that but we wanted to shift over to this number ahead of time

Now, if you will get to your profile page, you will see two additional tabs for your "rebytes" and "likes". Rebytes tab is open for everyone, meaning - your profile visitors can see all videos that you've rebyted. Likes tab is private and only you will be able to see videos that you've liked.

Both tabs can be also displayed in a grid mode. Unfortunately, if you prefer a grid, you will have to switch to it every time you open the app.

The performance of the profile page is quite good and it doesn't have any delays.

To this moment, this feature is not available for everyone and you will need to install a beta version in to get access to it. You can opt-in to beta testing via Google Play or via this form -

So, which one is better - grid view or list view?