Bundled Notes 2.0 now supports image attachments, link previews and more

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Bundled Notes 2.0 now supports image attachments, link previews and more

Bundled Notes is a popular note-taking app that can easily replace Google Keep, Evernote, Notion and other major players in this field. Now it got a major update to version 2.0 that came along with some long-awaited features.

Now you finally can add images to your notes and it will show link previews in the attachment field. These media types will be also synced across all your devices.

What's new?

- Support for image, files and rich URL previews
- Storage overview to view and manage all uploaded content
- Alphabetical sorting accounts for rich link previews & file names
- Rich links are automatically detected from note content
- 10GB account storage + 200MB per file limit for Pro users
- 150MB account storage + 20MB per file limit for Free users
- Several UI tweaks to accomodate attachment features
- Many bug fixes/small UI tweaks

If you are a free user, you may want to keep an eye on the storage use because in a free tier you only have 150MB available. In order to track your usage, you can tap on the "Add content to bundle" and see a storage usage bar on top of the pop-up view.

On the downside, its file picker only offers you a default option which is not always what you want to use in order to stay productive 🤔

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