As many of you know, we have a simple web app for android which can be found on Google Play

I updated it recently and latest changelog includes some bugfixes and new colour scheme.

Android app changelog:

WHAT'S NEW in v2.02

Android native

  • fixed bug when tester avatars are not displayed correctly
  • fixed a bug when links from footer are opening at the webview
  • changed header colour according to the new colour scheme

Major changes on the website from latest release

  • no adds
  • search box
  • my profile page
  • help section
  • testers rating
  • testers tab in the project details
  • app changelogs tab in the project details
  • app changelogs now include "what's new" from Google Play

There still a lot of things to be done but most of them wouldn't touch android native part and you will get them as soon as they will be available on the website. Which is one the biggest benefit of having a web app 😃

Besides that, I also did some changes on the website - UPDATES tab

Updates changes:

From now you can find them in the UPDATES tab in project details - check the example here This tab includes "What's new" changes from the Google Play and community updates from the Google Plus.

I decided to move them from the one common stream because now I am getting around 10-15 updates per day and it is not easy to track them there. Having them in the project tab is more informative for other beta testers because now it is easily possible to check updates for your favourite apps + it can be useful for new testers to have a better understanding of what to expect from the current beta program.

P.S. Old common updates stream is still available via

And as a final step - I decided to experiment with colour scheme a bit and make it a bit less boring + some style changes to the main LOGO.


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