The time has come! Welcome our two new projects which I want to split out of TestingCatalog.

  1. TestingCatalog AA - Android Apps in beta (and not only). The green Android figure.
  2. TestingCatalog CC - Crowdtesting Community. Brown-Azure-Orange Android figure.

In this post, I want to specify mission statements for both of them and also give you a bit of introduction into the future content of these projects.

TestingCatalog AA

Mission statement: Aggregate Android apps available for beta testing into the curated collection.

Social channels: New beta apps will be shared to the Android Beta Apps channel in Telegram and weekly email newsletter. This project will also include a standalone Telegram channel about Telegram beta for Android. The AA project is done and it will continue to be working in its current state.

If you are specifically interested in new Android Beta Apps, please make sure that you are following one of these links above.

TestingCatalog CC

Mission statement: Help people to earn extra money in their spare time with Crowdtesting. I think that there is a big demand for this topic and it is exactly where I can help by sharing my expertise and knowledge.

Social channels: All other social channels (Facebook Page and Group, Twitter, Instagram) will be dedicated to the CC project content. Currently, I am building a content framework which will allow me to generate helpful content on a daily basis. The core difference from my previous posts will be an addition of new topics related to different Crowdtesting platforms and other operational systems (web, iOS, voice, desktops). In this regard, I created a new Telegram channel where I copied some information about the future of CC project.

Make sure that you follow one of these above if you are interested in Crowdtesting.

Groups in Telegram and Facebook will be used for both AA and CC topics.

What do you think about this?