Beta testing competitions on TestingCatalog 🏆

This is the second attempt for me to write this post. I am very excited about test competitions in general and I don't want to fail this experiment just because I didn't prepare it well enough.

The idea behind TestingCatalog

TestingCatalog was created as an alternative crowdtesting platform focused on beta testing Android apps. After three years of development, TestingCatalog is still a ground base for different experiments. My goal is to find the most valuable direction for TestingCatalog's platform and I have lots of ideas for the future. The beta testing competition is one of them.

What are beta testing competitions about

The Prize

One hundred bucks to the winner, one app to test and one week of time for report submission!

The Goal

The goal of each competition may be different and will be announced explicitly. Here are some examples:

  • Bring the highest value to the development team - Find as many bugs as possible and report them; Do some feature requests too; Create a features list or perform an automated stress test.
  • Bring a value to the community by reviewing the app, finding undocumented features in an update (You can even do an APK teardown).

Beta Testing Competition Rules

Basic Rules

Each competition will be announced on our social media with detailed info. There will be steps, which you can use as a template for a report.

  1. Social activity - Like and share the post with the competition announcement from our social media accounts.
  2. Get the app from TestingCatalog - OPT-IN to the beta program or get the APK file and start testing. The app can also be updated during the competition. The general rule here is that your test report should be relevant for the latest version available of the app.
  3. Test and document - Check the app (update, if available) and write down your test report. Please, always use English and check for spelling, lexical and grammar errors with Grammarly, if needed.
  4. Take screenshots or record a video - Each test report requires 3 different screenshots or a video (or both). Screenshots can be uploaded to Imgur and Videos can be uploaded to YouTube. Alternatively, they can be shared directly with TestingCatalog as a Telegram message @testingcatalog or via email at Please, don't forget to mention your TestingCatalog email.
  5. Login to TestingCatalog, find the app and submit your findings. You have to use the Markdown language to format your text. The report form is still in development state, so don't hesitate to contact me, if you need any help with it.
  6. Submit a report before the end of the competition and wait for moderation to compete. You may be asked to modify your test report, if necessary.
  7. Social activity - Depends on the event rules. It may be necessary to share your test report in your social media accounts.

Who is the winner?

Depending on the competition, the winner will be either chosen by developers team, either by a number of upvotes or likes. It may take up to a week to choose the winner. All dates related to an event will be announced on social media profiles.


Rewards are going to be a subject of change. Usually, it's money. Some rewards will be provided by TestingCatalog and some competitions will be sponsored by developers. It is possible that in the future we may have some smaller competitions with promo codes or badges as rewards.

In order to receive your prize, you need to have a working PayPal account or be able to accept SEPA or WU bank transfers.

How to participate in Competition

In case you have any questions related to TestingCatalog's competitions, please, use this Contacts Form to ask them.

This post will be updated in case there are changes in the process. We are also looking for your feedback and we will be happy to make your TestingCatalog experience even better. 👻

Cheers and happy testing!

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