2017 is almost over and in December I did a couple of updates on the TC and I want to keep them here.

Marketplace vs Media Company

Before that, I also did a poll about TC future - Media Company vs Marketplace https://plus.google.com/+Testingcatalog/posts/ipTjqqmLwWs

I did a lot of experiments in different areas. Next year will be a time to focus. Before focusing, we have to choose our path. In two words, I want you to help me to choose between Marketplace Company and Media Company.

Why is it needed? The community is growing and I have a lot of things to add and improve. Unfortunately, my capacity is limited and I have to choose where to invest my time and money to. With time it is clear, but to be able to invest money I have to set up a working monetisation solution.

Please check the context below!

Marketplace Company.

This is very simple - app developers are ordering beta testing (around 10$ per test report) and beta testers are selling their services. I managed to sale 4 test reports with 60$ outcome in total. It is not that much but it is something. I am sure that it is possible to sell 5 times more in the same timeslot (I am not very good in sales).

Pros - It helps developers to receive valuable feedback. It helps beta testers to earn some extra money.

Cons - Selling "beta testing" services is hard for the average beta tester. Community needs are still not very clear, is it really what do you want?

What will happen if we will choose this path?

  • I will prepare a sales plan for our "beta testing services"
  • I will create a small group of beta testers who will agree to do beta testing reports for small rewards. I will check their test reporting skills and organise a beta testing workflow.
  • I will start with execution, see how it works. A team of 5 people should be able to do at least 10 reports in the first month.
  • If it will not happen - I will need to come back to the drawing board once again. If it will - I will need to find a way to scale to 50 reports per month. It may require a better sales plan or a better team management.
  • After that or in parallel, I will start improving website features. Test reporting flow, beta tester profiles, services ordering flow, services descriptions and others.

Media Company.

News about popular beta apps, update reviews, update notifications, blog posts, user-submitted app reviews. This way is all about media content around beta apps. I managed to grow website traffic from 5k to 10k visits per month in two months.

Pros - Easy to grow. A lot of interesting features could be implemented.

Cons - Amount of Ads will grow (website and app).

What will happen if we will choose this path?

  • I will increase the number of ads in the android app
  • I will add updates tab/reports tab to the android app and favouriting functionality.
  • I will implement push notifications for new apps and app updates.
  • I will add a subscription plan for those who don't want to see ads with additional PRO features.
  • I will improve website SEO.
  • I will invite a group of beta testers who can write test reports or app/update reviews for small rewards.
  • I will introduce beta tester profiles and add this functionality to the Android app.
  • The goal will be to check if we can grow to 100k visits per month in the 6-month time slot.

Both ways have a chance to fail. Also, choosing one doesn't mean that we will not come back to the second one after 6 month period. All those statements are just initial plans and they might be changed.

Any feedback is welcome. Please leave your comments 😃

Collections Split

I decided to split my content from one TestingCatalog Collection to 4 collections.

Website updates, New Reports List, Reports View and a new page layout

I coded a couple of new pages for TestingCatalog web, here is a full changelog.

  • [NEW] New REPORTS tab on the main page (Check it here Reports List). It is a list of all test reports which I did before. New cards layout for desktops.
  • [NEW] New report details page. (Example).
  • [Change] Project reports tab now has a list of report previews. The user can open a report details page from this view.
  • [New] New colour scheme Green + Blue. This green is lighter than the original one.
  • [Change] Navigation links font is now bigger.

Why? At some point, I want to make reports tab as a primary tab. Mostly because test reports are more entertaining and I want them to be the main type of content.

I also changed a screenshot size in the mobile view (check screenshot)

I "almost" finish preparation for the comeback of my short beta reports. I will be focusing on the content creation (test reports) + SEO optimization during the next week.

Android app update, Android Oreo bugfix

Minor Android App Update with Android O support to the TestingCatalog App


  • [UPDATE] Updated all dependent libraries to the latest versions. Updated Target SDK to 26 (Android Oreo). No visible changes.
  • [UPDATE] Refactored Project List and Project Details fragments to decrease complexity. No visible changes.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bug in Android 8 devices with pink text in nav drawer.

Some photos - Before and After + a bonus photo of the process 😛

See ya next time!