A crowdtesting concept can fix a lot of problems as an addition to the traditional in-house testing process. Better device coverage, testing in the real environment, additional feedback from real users and so on.


In the same time, a crowdtesting concept has a lot of problems.

Problem I

An amount of projects, available for testing is a lot lower than an amount of testers. It is a very common situation when tester waits for a month until he will be able to start testing. Usually, only a crowdtesting provider is responsible for sales and this model is not ideal.

  • A client should be able to order a crowdtesting service easily, by submitting a link to his product and specifying additional information, such as scope or other limitations.
  • A tester should be able to sell his work by himself, by submitting a project with his test reports. A crowdtesting platform should provide clients for testers, but it should not limit them. It is like a taxi service — as a driver, you don’t want to sit without any job for a month, just because your company don’t have enough clients, especially if there are a lot of clients around you.

Problem II

Test reports and feedbacks are private for open projects. Private test reports can be a requirement for security issues or for some closed projects with NDA, but there a lot of open projects that can be tested transparently. Why is it so important?

  • A private test report is a black box for clients. A client should be able to know what to expect from crowdtesting service.
  • A tester should have an example to be able to grow his testing skills. Testers can grow a lot faster in the transparent environment.
  • A quality of public test report is better because testers don’t want to loose their reputation.

Problem III

Only paid projects are available for testing. There are a lot of testers, who are not interested in rewards. They just want to try something new.

  • These testers should be able to share their feedback with client easily, in the same way as others.

What am I working on?

I am organising exploratory test events for android applications in google+ community and sharing gathered test data with the developers. All our test data is open and transparent.

Currently, TestingCatalog is in the Beta stage. This platform is a base part of a future crowdtesting powered service.

Stay tuned!