We are getting a lot of interest from our visitors around this topic so I want to share a small FAQ here.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival is the definitive Walking Dead strategy RPG game, brought to you by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic series.

Project details: WD: RTS on the TestingCatalog

This game uses a closed beta testing model and it uses closed Google Plus community to manage beta access. It also has a very high position in the TestingCatalog (currently TOP 3). This high position means that it has a lot of likes from our testers and it also has frequent updates with detailed changelogs.

However, it is not that easy to get an access to the beta app. Google+ community is closed, which means that you have to ask for the access first and wait until your request will be accepted by the google+ community moderator.

Usually, it may take up to 6 months before your request will be accepted. There is no information about why does it take so long, I can only guess that it happens in waves and they are maintaining some fixed amount of active beta testers.

What to do in order to join the beta?

While waiting - check other beta testing opportunities from Testingatalog https://www.testingcatalog.com If you are interested in beta games, check Android Beta Games on TestingCatalog

How to make it faster?

Well, there is no proven way to make it happen. However, there are some steps which you can try

  • Write down a reason why do you need an access to the beta in English (including your account details)
  • Contact game support via the official Forum with your detailed description
  • Contact any of Google Plus community moderators to approve your request

What does BETA mean for you?

  • App can contain any type of bugs
  • App can crash
  • App can consume more power than usual
  • Realm servers might be inaccessible
  • Account data might be lost

If that is what you are looking for - go for it, good beta testers are welcome everywhere! Why is it related to the TestingCatalog? We are publishing different beta apps and games in our catalog in order to connect beta testers and developers. Our goal is to help people with beta testing in various fields. In case if you have any problems with it, feel free to contact us here https://www.testingcatalog.com/contacts


Q: Can you please approve my request to join WD: RTS Google+ community?

A: No, we are not administrating this community and we are not approving join requests. This can be done only by G+ community moderator and they don't know anything about TestingCatalog.

Q: Where can I see changelogs for the beta version?

A: Check this page WD: RTS changelogs by TestingCatalog

Q: I requested an access several months ago and it is still pending, what should I do?

A: Wait, it can take a lot of time, but eventually you will be accepted. Check "How to make it faster?" section.

Q: I can see "App not available for this account" when I am trying to OPT-IN, what does it mean?

A: That means you are not a beta tester yet, you should join G+ community first.

Q: How can I leave the beta?

A: Visit https://www.testingcatalog.com/project/4 page, press OPT-IN button and find "Leave beta program" link. This will opt you out from the beta. You don't have to leave G+ community in that case.

Feel free to drop a comment if you want me to add anything to the post. Happy Testing!

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