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  • Unlike other Android apps, telegram distributes its beta updates through their app itself. It means that if you installed the beta app once, you will start receiving in-app messages as soon as a new beta update will become available.

    Step One

    Download a standalone *.APK file from the hockeyapp website.

    Source Telegram Hockeyapp

    It can be used as an alternative way to distribute Android apps. You will get an *.APK file which you will need to install manually. Telegram beta is a standalone app and you can install it separately.


  • As many of you know, we have a simple web app for android which can be found on Google Play

    I updated it recently and latest changelog includes some bugfixes and new colour scheme.

    Android app changelog:

    WHAT'S NEW in v2.02

    Android native

    • fixed bug when tester avatars are not displayed correctly
    • fixed a bug when links from footer are opening at the webview
    • changed header colour according to the new colour scheme

    Major changes on the website from latest release

    • no adds
    • search box
    • my profile page
    • help section
    • testers rating
    • testers tab in the project details
    • app changelogs tab in the project details
    • app changelogs now include "what's new" from Google Play

    There still a lot of things to be done but most of them wouldn't touch android native part and you will get them as soon as they will be available on the website. Which is one the biggest benefit of having a web app 😃

    Besides that, I also did some changes on the website - UPDATES tab


  • Android application stress testing with monkey tool

    Before we start, if you want to know what is "stress testing" please check this article on Wikipedia. If you what to know what is "Monkey tool" please check this documentation - Monkey. Monkey tool is a part of android platform tools, to install them, please visit PlatformTools and ADB documentation.

    In a case of any questions about installation or usage, feel free to leave a comment via Disqus. In this post, I would like to show how you can easily perform automated stress testing for any beta application on your device.

    Monkey tool

    Monkey is a command line ADB tool with several options to adjust. You will need to know a package name of your android application.

    The command itself looks like that

    adb shell monkey -p com.sidekix.app -v --pct-syskeys 0 3000

    The com.sidekix.app is a package name of Sidekix: Walking Navigation

    What is does.

    • It will automatically execute a script command against the main activity of Sidekix application.
    • The script will start executing different events on your device such as touches, swipes etc.
    • The script will print all events to the log. In a case of any crash - you will see an error StackTrace in the logs.

  • Our mission at TestingCatalog.com is testing applications, being them in alpha or beta stages. To make your lives easier, our website has been undergoing a plethora of optimizations regarding the simplification of the process of applying for testing programs and we were certainly able to achieve some remarkable results. There are always a couple of steps that you have to follow, depending on the application, plus some problems and workarounds for them we noted down, so without further ado, let’s see what they are in detail.

    To enter a testing program you can choose between one of the following four methods listed below:

    • Join a beta testing program from TestinCatalog
    • Join a beta testing program directly from the Google Play Store app
    • Join a beta testing program from TestingCatalog’s Android app
    • Join a beta testing program outside of TestingCatalog

  • A crowdtesting concept can fix a lot of problems as an addition to the traditional in-house testing process. Better device coverage, testing in the real environment, additional feedback from real users and so on.


    In the same time, a crowdtesting concept has a lot of problems.