Binance for Android got a new purchase flow to buy crypto and more

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Binance for Android got a new purchase flow to buy crypto and more

Binance version 1.40.2 came with a bunch of minor changes along with a new purchase flow. There you will be asked to select the cryptocurrency and the amount on separate steps before choosing a payment method. Previously It was possible to do it on a single screen.

Apart from that you can now add and remove favourite pairs right from the Trade view on the left drawer. For that, you can use a long press to trigger a pop-up button.

The last small addition can be noticed after navigating to the p2p trading tab, there you will find a new tutorial video about p2p trading on Binance.

What's new?

This update:
⁃ Brand new purchase flow for buy crypto
⁃ Add to favorite in trading page
⁃ Add COIN-M futures funding fee filter
⁃ Support drawing on k-line
⁃ P2P payment methods display and chat entrance update
⁃ Newly added video tutorial for Pay function
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