Top Android Apps for Beta Testing

TestingCatalog started as a collection of Android apps available for beta testing and now this collection lives in TestingCatalog Android app on Google Play.

TestingCatalog: Apps for Beta Testing - Apps on Google Play
TestingCatalog is a database of the best Android apps available for beta testing curated manually since 2016 🔥 We list all the popular apps that have a beta release track as well as new unreleased apps from indie devs. If you want to add an app to TestingCatalog you can submit it via this form…

There you will find all the database with sorting and search features. You can also check the video by All About Android to get an idea of what is it for.

TestingCatalog App Preview

Alternatively, if you want to get notified about new Android beta apps that we discover of if you want to share your findings as well - please join our Telegram group.

We also moved our "Top Picks" to this new website and now you can browse them as collections blow. Please keep in mind that this section has a "Work in progress" status and we are working on making it better, complete and up to date every day. If you have any suggestions, please hit us on social!