Aldiko Book Reader for Android app review

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Aldiko Book Reader for Android app review

The good

Aldiko is an eBook reader application for Android with over 30 million users based in more than 200 countries worldwide. It supports formats such as EPUB, PDF as well as Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. By browsing its in-built Feedbook store with an extremely broad catalog, you can find a large variety of books, including best-sellers, new releases and classics, with lots of free ones available and sourced from public libraries. By heading into the Files section from the side menu, you can import your locally stored eBook files in the before mentioned formats, organize all of them by tags and combine them into collections, and always have access to them on the go. The app also remembers your reading position automatically and whenever you launch it, it brings you exactly where you left off. The reading experience can be fully customized with the included settings for font color and size, background color, margin, alignment, line spacing, plus brightness adjusting. There is a night-time reading option, which inverts the text and background colors at night for a lesser eye strain. Other useful features are bookmarking (lets you jump from one page to another with no hassle at all), global text search in a book, dictionary, OPDS catalogs support, and more.

The bad

The current design of Aldiko 3.1 is a mix between Holo and Material design, which in fact looks very ugly and uninspired.

Aldiko Premium

The standalone Premium version/in-app subscription service brings to the table highlights (for EPUB files only), notes (for EPUB files only), book cover editing, a home widget, importing and exporting annotations; lets you store an unlimited number of audiobooks on your personal bookshelf; gets faster updates and does not contain advertisements.


Good news is that version 4.0 is landing in due time, so we expect a vastly improved UI styling to come along with it. Furthermore, it is going to be released on Google Play as a separate application, while the current version has already been renamed to Aldiko Classic and will no longer get updates. This is why you may want to hold on for a while before purchasing it, but know that is worth checking out.

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

📲 Beta test on Google Play