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At the beginning of February 2020, Snapchat is set to launch its brand new Bitmoji TV series. Uncovered by TechCrunch in a recent article, Snap Inc. is indeed working on bringing out their customizable series of cartoon shows, where you'll be able to use your own Bitmoji avatars.

Microsoft's soon to be released to the stable branch Edge browser for PC based on Google's Chromium has made a huge impact on the mobile version as well. The new logo makes its way onto the 44th version of the Android app, aside from other significant design and functionality-wise improvements that we are going to delve into in just a bit.

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is known for proving constant updates to the user interface of its Android app. Now that they've got dark mode out the door, they are focusing on other usability improvements.

Discovered by a Twitter user @Satyam_sinha, the Instagram app has got a freshly redesigned UI for the DM section that is currently in testing.

The YouTube app's recent updates have brought numerous UI layout changes to the video playback and info screen. One difference to be noted is the separation of the comments section into a pop-up page, eliminating the clunkiness of the old interface. More so, the scrolling involved to get to the comments, past the recommendations, made things feel like that. The revamped menu houses the sort and close buttons at the top while keeping things as simple as possible.

Everyone is publishing their year in review posts and at the begging, I thought that in case of TestingCatalog it will be a big list of failures. After 2 minutes of thinking I managed to come up with at list 5 small but good things that happened to us this year.

2019 definitely wasn't a year of TestingCatalog.

  • Google+ shut down, dropped our traffic and revenue by 10 times.
  • Affiliate programs which we bet on at the beginning of the year didn't work out at all.
  • Some other experimental initiatives like "testing courses" didn't work out too.
  • I had a lot of doubts about the project in general (actually, I always do, and it is a good thing).
  • SEO improvements didn't bring expected results.