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A new audio player called Music Meal just recently hit the shelves on the Google Play Store. Its greatest feature lets users create playlists from a multitude of online sources, e.g., YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc., and apart from that, background playback for YouTube also comes fully-baked in.

As it is with every other social media network and its mobile application, there are some minor differences to the sign-up process. For the decently popular Snapchat in particular, things are pretty straightforward, so here they are laid out for you in a basic list form.

TikTok, previously known as Musically, has made huge strides with its karaoke/dance/act concept for content, thus luring in a great portion of the younger generations in recent years, while also providing many business opportunities for artist and influencers. As a result of exactly that, a separate music tab has been added into the app to better accommodate singers and their albums and songs.

Possibly one of the best music players on Android - Retro Music - single-handedly beats to the punch most apps from the same category if we are strictly speaking of design. Now onto today's report, we've got a new update released to the app on the Play Store, which comes bundled with various bug fixes and even more eye-candy.

The most preferred job hunting service at the moment - LinkedIn - is apparently working on launching a brand new and highly useful feature.

Discovered by our all-time favorite Twitter leakster Jane Manchun Wong, in the Android build of the official LinkedIn app is a handy new privacy setting currently in development. Looking at the description of the said feature, based on user-selected commute choices, it is going to pick the most suitable job recommendations for you.