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    Date: 13 Jun 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #516

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    The ability to install third-party home screen replacement apps, otherwise called launchers, is Android's best feature that sets it apart, perhaps from Apple's iOS. Not only you can personalize your mobile device's user interface to your heart's content, but you also get a pile of additional tools that will make your day-to-day life so much easier and efficient.

    Before continuing, I would like to add a disclaimer: The apps on this list have been chosen solely by me.

    1. Lawnchair Launcher v2

    While Lawnchair Launcher is under active development for the upcoming version 2 release, early alpha builds get published every so often. If you are on the lookout for Pixel Launcher on steroids, Lawnchair v2 is your best choice because it keeps the design of the "Made by Google" Pixel experience, plus, comes with added benefits like theme support, icon packs, and so much more. I would like to mention that with a Magisk module named Quick Switch and Lawnchair v2, you can change the recent apps menu of your phone. By doing that, you get some extra customization options and the possibility of fixing Android Pie's uninspired navigation system by getting rid of the old back button in favor of a swipe gesture. Isn't it nice?

    2. Nova Launcher

    My second favorite home screen app is not other than the so popular Nova Launcher by Kevin Barry.


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    Date: 07 Jun 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #515

    First Screenshot to Gboard - the Google Keyboard beta Second Screenshot to Gboard - the Google Keyboard beta Third Screenshot to Gboard - the Google Keyboard beta

    Gboard is a very advanced virtual keyboard, made by not someone else but Google themselves. Apart from having top-notch word prediction capabilities, dictionary syncing, built-in theming options, and so on, with the newest update, it gets even smarter and useful than ever.

    Version 8.3.9 from June 3rd is set out to come with support for Android Q and Emoji 12.0. Furthermore, it now provides easier access to the bundled clipboard tool with snippets and whatnot, remembers the skin tone and gender preferences for your emojis, lets you import and export your personal dictionary words, and, in addition, from now on you can delete your Google search history directly from the keyboard itself. To do so, you just have to long-press on the search keywords that you have used last. Besides, an important usability change that you may appreciate is support for vertical scrolling for expressions, i.e., minis. If you aren't familiar, Gboard's 'minis' feature lets you create custom emoji/sticker packs. You can decide on all sorts of visual aspects for your minis, like, for example, hairstyle, hair and eye color, and so much more. It is super cool!

    Here is also the changelog for the aforementioned 8.3.9 Gboard release on the Play Store.

    What's new

    • Support for Emoji 12.0 in Android Q

    • Sticky preferences for emoji skin tone and gender

    • Clipboard:


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    Date: 05 Jun 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #514

    First Screenshot to Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android Second Screenshot to Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android Third Screenshot to Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android

    Telegram's second, sort of official, messaging client for Android has received a couple of updates recently. The newest of the bunch is version RC from June 5th, with the 'RC' moniker which stands for release candidate, meaning that the build is near production ready.

    Apart from dozens of bugs squashed, Telegram X now comes with Hungarian localization, plus many needed improvements to the welcome screen after signing up and the initial importing process of your contacts list. Moreover, following the OG Telegram app, the X now bakes in support for channel messages in groups, letting you connect one channel with a group. Then, once you share a post on your channel, it is going to be automatically forwarded to the connected group, and pinned at the same time.

    Besides, here are the full release notes for those who are interested. RC

    Telegram X is now available in Hungarian.

    • Supported channel messages in groups (messages, chats list, notifications)
    • t.me/s/tgx_android links open in browser
    • Improved welcome screen after signing up & importing contacts
    • Downgraded libtgvoip to 2.4.4 in beta track (same as in stable)
    • Fixed crash after finishing a call

    Updated TDLib

    • Channel messages in groups
    • Fixed crashes

    If you have recently started experiencing crashes in the stable version (caused by Telegram's server changes,) join the beta to get this version faster. RC

    • The in-app browser is used for t.me/s/tgx_android links as well when enabled
    • Updated TDLib: fixed crashes

    • Changes above
    • Fixed two internal crashes RC

    Updated TDLib

    • Potentially fixed the message syncing issue
    • Fixed "Requested data is inaccessible" in stickers archive when all of the sticker sets are banned
    • Fixed a couple of other bugs

    Source: Telegram - 1, 2


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    Date: 04 Jun 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #513

    First Screenshot to TestingCatalog beta Second Screenshot to TestingCatalog beta Third Screenshot to TestingCatalog beta

    Virtual keyboard apps are a necessity for our daily touch-screen device usage, and finding the best ones around is not the simplest task to accomplish. TestingCatalog's special interest in testing Android applications, and by snooping through our huge library of beta software pieces, we got around a made a list for our readers. This list contains five of the best keyboard that you can find on the Google Play Store, and at the same time, they all have ongoing testing programs letting early adopters enjoy new features and improvements right out of the bat. Okay, here we go.

    1. Gboard

    Google's Gboard has always been my numero uno keyboard since my first introduction to Android, It comes, with each and every update, with massive improvements, mostly geared towards looks and ease of use, plus some additional clever tools to complement the great prediction system that it has. Themes are the top thing that sticks out to me, well, other than the aforementioned qualities. If you aren't using it, then you should totally give it a try.

    2. SwiftKey

    SwifKey, now owned by Microsoft, has always been the most praised keyboard for its top-notch word prediction.


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    Date: 01 Jun 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #512

    First Screenshot to Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Second Screenshot to Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Third Screenshot to Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging

    It isn't a long time before another Telegram update comes out, yet today we are here with a new build. Version 5.7.0 is available with a generous number of upgrades upon the previous release but still deemed enough for us to do a report about it. So, here we go.

    New theme switcher

    First things first, this update adds two new themes to the app and more redesigns to the majority of the pop-up dialogs, whilst bringing a separate page for managing all themes and creating custom ones. The Arctic Blue theme, as the name suggests, combines white with blue, while the second theme, named Graphite, boasts a lighter variant of gray as the preferred main background color.

    More granular privacy management

    Telegram 5.7 allows its users to do thorough adjustments to their privacy preferences, giving a gives a certain level of flexibility and control over personal information sharing. These include options for hiding user's phone number, managing permissions for messaging and calling, etc. You can find all of them in the Privacy and Security page in the settings.

    Seamless weblogging with bots (channel comments)

    Logging in to other web services with your Telegram account is going to be instant, thanks to the newly added @discussbot. It provides many opportunities, such as the rumored channel replies function otherwise labeled as comments, and you can begin testing them immediately.