22 latest official #TelegramTips from Telegram on Twitter

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22 latest official #TelegramTips from Telegram on Twitter

Telegram account on Twitter was always relatively active but since Jul 1st they started a new hashtag #TelegramTips where they post short tips on how to use Telegram app in a more efficient way.

This hashtag also got used by other Telegram users (including @TestingCatalog) to share their helpful tricks.

During these 3 months, there were enough tips being shared in order to aggregate them into one list.

Telegram Tip #1

Contacts can be quickly shared face-to-face. Simply open Contacts > Add People Nearby and see users next to you (who also have this menu open). No telepaths were harmed in the making of this feature.

Telegram Tip #2

Telegram groups are huge. If you can gather your closest 200,000 friends (or most of the population of Salt Lake City, Utah), you might just fill one group.

Telegram Tip #3 🔥

To send a video as a GIF, mute it by tapping the speaker icon. Useful for creating quick reaction GIFs to show off your tears, sneers and cheers.

I didn't even know about this until I decided to prepare this post - I need to give it a try 🤳

Telegram Tip #4

You can easily create Polls from the attach menu in groups and channels. Speaking of polls, here's one for Twitter (remember, we can't tweet new features into existence).

This post was more sort of a poll itself where 47% of @Telegram followers responded that they want to see more #TelegramTips posts (39% voted for memes and 14% for "Something else")

Telegram Tip #5

Contact Sync links your phone's contacts with the cloud so we can fill your contact list with familiar faces. A welcome party isn't required, but it's the perfect excuse for cake.

Telegram Tip #6

The badge counter can be set to count unread chats instead of unread messages in Notification and Sound settings - handy if the badge counter is starting to look like your phone number.

Telegram Tip #7

Pictures and videos can be set to self-destruct in any one-on-one chat. To set the timer, tap the stopwatch icon next to the send button - and watch your food selfies disappear before they go bad.

Telegram Tip #8

You can claim a Telegram username for your account, group or channel if you are using it across social media platforms. To do that, have a chat with our new Username Bot.

Telegram Tip #9

You can listen to voice messages by holding the phone up to your ear – then automatically record a reply after the beep. Great for looking really important at the coffee shop.

My 2 cents here - I find it very useful to also have an x2 speed for voice messages in case if someone speaks slowly.

Telegram Tip #10

You can add hashtags to messages to make them easier to find later on. Try #ToDo, #Videos, #Memes — or maybe #TelegramTips

Telegram Tip #11

You can keep the footprint of Telegram on your device incredibly small. Go to 'Storage Usage' in Settings to select what you want to keep. The rest will be removed, and Telegram will automatically re-download photos/media from the cloud when you need them again.

Telegram Tip #12 🔥

You've been able to share uncompressed photos on Telegram since 2013. Android's new attachment menu lets you do that faster than ever. Tap the three dots when selecting photos and choose Send Without Compression to share them in their crisp glory.

Many people complain about auto compression when it comes to sharing photos - you can always suggest them to chose this "uncompressed" option on Telegram if they want to have photos of the same quality as you do.

Telegram Tip #13

You can add up to three accounts to your Telegram client and easily switch between them. Each account will have its own chats, contacts and settings. It's time to switch your batsuit for a business suit.

Telegram Tip #14

Archiving chats helps keep a busy chat list more organized. You can pin an unlimited number of chats in your archive, so they’re always in reach but out of sight.

Telegram Tip #15

You can edit any message within 48 hours of sending it. That’s enough time to fix what you sent Friday night before work on Monday morning.

Telegram Tip #16

Cloud drafts store your unsent messages so you can start typing a message on your tablet, switch to your phone on the way to work and then send it from your PC as you arrive. Built for your inner multitasker.

Telegram Tip #17

You can create a channel to share your thoughts, news insights or dog pictures with up to 7.7 billion subscribers. We let you have more, but honestly, there aren't any more people.

Telegram Tip #18

You can temporarily mute individual chats to take a weekend break from your work notifications. Spend the weekend smashing pottery. Your quest can wait until Monday.

Telegram Tip #19

You can create custom cloud themes with their own URL to share across Telegram. Any changes you make to your design immediately update for everyone using the theme – and yes, these two are real.

Telegram Tip #20

You can use picture-in-picture mode to keep up with a Twitch stream while you chat. Just tap the picture-in-picture button in the in-app player. Your boss' expert advice can wait.

Telegram Tip #21

The summer sun leaves this weekend. Schedule auto-night mode to a later time for that extra bit of artificial sunshine.

Bonus Telegram Tip #22 - by @TestingCatalog 🔥

Do you also have this Archived chats folder on top of your @telegram app? I just realised that you can hide them by swiping to the left, unhide by swiping down or pin to top by swiping left again! It took me a couple of weeks to discover this 😅

The last tip was liked by @Telegram account on twitter and I got some "thank you" replies so I think it worth having it in this list.

These tips are quite generic but at least 1 or 2 of them can be a new thing even for an experienced user.

Do you have any personal #TelegramTips? Share them in comments!

Source: @Telegram on Twitter