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If you are on the lookout for a modern wallpaper management application for your Android device that is created according to the latest Material Design 2.0 guidelines from Google, Swift Wall is certainly worth the try. It allows for fine-tuning wallpaper blur levels, applying a grayscale filter, etc.

The newest 5.0 iteration just hit the shelves on the Play Store, after ongoing a very active development / beta testing cycle. With that said, version 5 brings a plethora of UI enhancements as well as a wallpaper download store with some great options to choose from. Another notable change is the refreshed app icon/logo that looks minimal and still well-crafted.

Microsoft has recently gone out and pushed a separate preview, i.e., alpha release branch of their very popular launcher application for Android, which has over 10 million installs on the Google Play Store alone. The newest early access build comes with a major version number bump to 6.0, which isn't all that strange if we count the amount of various minor changes made throughout the UI.

Wow, it's been 15 years since the launch of Google Maps! And, as a celebratory action, Google has updated the Android and iOS apps with many user interface improvements and so much more.

Not a new feature, per se, but local groups in Telegram are certainly not as widely used as they deserve to be.

Now onto the topic of this report. The official Telegram Twitter account recently published another one from their famous #TelegramTips series highlighting the "local groups" functionality found in their mobile apps and how easy it is to set it up and running.

Based on Telegram's 5.14 recent source code drop, the open-source Plus Messenger derivative for Android has now been upgraded to version as well. This release comes packed in with a heap of advanced options, including one that lets users completely get rid of the "handy-dandy" "Archived chats" feature if you don't need it. Further enhancements focus on adding in a slew of extra support links for select settings sections to help users navigate through problems.