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LinkedIn app on Android got an open beta a while ago and this is a short guide on how to get there and what to expect. First of all, LinkedIn is one of the top growing social networks in 2019. Microsoft did a really good job with their developments in order to make LinkedIn the best content platform in the b2b sector. While they're not that many UI changes, their new organic reach algorithm was changed a lot.

This is not just a network for job seekers and recruiters anymore 😎

"Lights Out" mode has been tested with a limited amount of users for a while now but today it has been released with the alpha version of Twitter for Android. And it means that you can easily try it out!

If you are not an active Snapchat user like me you may get surprised by some features you find in the app even if they were released a long time ago. A Snapchat Map Status feature released in May 2019 is one of the examples.

Many Snapchat features can be considered as secondary (Snapmap or Games for example) compared to the primary feature of capturing and browsing stories. Snapchat also doesn't tell to users about these secondary features proactively and this makes them some sort of "hidden".

Feedly opened registration for beta testers of their integration between Feedly app and Google Assistant. According to the Feedly blog post, it will be possible to ask Google assistant to read your RSS feed for you.

This will be a dedicated Google Assistant action which you will be able to add to your assistant by yourself and try on your phone.

Some users may see a new highlight on the Facebook app after opening which introduces new changes for Facebook pages inside the Facebook app. These changes were triggered on a server-side during the night. It is not clear yet if they are available for all users or just for a limited amount (like Facebook Page owners) and in which countries. For now, we can only say that there was a new release wave and it affected users in Germany.