10 news aggregators for Android that you can beta test today

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10 news aggregators for Android that you can beta test today

Earlier this week Google News alpha release was pushed to Google Play so some users could get access to A/B tests and features that were only available to Google internal users before.

Google News is a great app but unfortunately, it doesn't have a publicly available beta release. With this in mind, I made a shortlist of News aggregator apps (and not only) that have beta versions. These apps are split to "New names" and "Known players" depending on the popularity of the app.

New names

📰 Geek Tech - High Tech News - A news aggregator focused on "tech" news sources. You can select from different categories or subscribe to individual websites.

📰 Bundle Breaking News - A news aggregator across all topics where you can select from multiple local editions. It is possible to subscribe to individual sources and categories as well.

📰 Brut - Is a news app that aggregates short news videos together on different topics. It has its own relevance algorithm but you can browse different categories when you scroll down.

📰 CAFEYN – Online magazine subscriptions - This app is more focused on magazine subscriptions but it also has a discover sections with some news inside.

📰 Ground News - This app is also a news aggregator but here you can see a "left-right" rating next to every post or check the news on the map. The cool part that it also aggregates multiple news sources under similar topics so you can get full coverage from different points of view.

📰 Newsvoice - This app has all features for news aggregation as well as a separate section for audio podcasts.

Known players

📰 SQUID - News & Magazines - This is a known news aggregator but the beta is currently full so you may need to come and check it a bit later to get inside.

📰 Microsoft News - MS news is a popular news aggregator and it has a beta version as well that is available at this moment.

📰 Feedly - Smarter News Reader - RSS reader that most of you already know. Has a beta version as well.

📰 Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle - Flipboard is another popular news aggregator with beta release track that is available to everyone.

Do you use something else for news reading? Let us know in comments!