• Author
    Date: 17 Sep 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #526

    First Screenshot to Chrome Beta Second Screenshot to Chrome Beta Third Screenshot to Chrome Beta

    2019's biggest feature update that has come to mobile platforms like Android and iOS is, no doubt, the system-wide dark mode that many of us have craved for years. Now that the base has been set, many popular app developers have gradually begun rolling out their takes on dark UI design to the masses.

    For example, Android 10 users now have a toggle in the display settings that sets Dark mode on for all compatible system and third-party applications. And, for those who didn't know, there is also a switch in the Developer options that forces apps that normally do not have a dark mode to automatically invert colors. It works well with the Play Store, Instagram, and many others.

    With all that said, not everything we use is just basic apps. We all browse the web, right? With over 60% net market share, Google's Chrome hands down dominates the browser market on mobile and PC. And with the 77th iteration of Chrome, and above, the Android version, in particular, does come with hidden flags that not only darken the UI elements throughout the app but can invert website colors on demand.


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    Date: 16 Sep 2019
    Author: Alexey S
    Report #525

    First Screenshot to TikTok Beta Second Screenshot to TikTok Beta Third Screenshot to TikTok Beta

    TikTok PRO and it's analytics is now available to everyone in the version 13.11.1 A newly released analytics page can become very handy to content creators, brands and media publishers ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    I don't use TikTok very much but I definitely should. Did you jump on TikTok already? Regardless of your answer - give it a try!

    How to enable TikTok PRO

    • Open "me" tap with you profile
    • Open settings
    • Press on "manage account"
    • Press on "switch to pro account"
    • Press "continue"
    • Choose a category from the list (Personal blog, Entertainment, etc.)
    • Confirm your phone number

    After this you are done! Now you will be able to see a new "analytics" option in settings.


  • Author
    Date: 15 Sep 2019
    Author: Eray R
    Report #524

    First Screenshot to Android 10 Second Screenshot to Android 10 Third Screenshot to Android 10

    Google's Android operating system for smartphones has finally got its 10th major version release, bringing a plethora of privacy and security enhancements, a system-wide dark mode and whatnot, and a radical shift from the traditional desert naming scheme. ๐Ÿ˜ข


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    Date: 12 Sep 2019
    Author: Alexey S
    Report #523

    First Screenshot to Medium Android Beta Second Screenshot to Medium Android Beta Third Screenshot to Medium Android Beta

    Medium Beta is one of the oldest beta programs around. Medium beta testing community existed in Google+ in 2014 when many popular apps didn't even think about having a beta release track.

    Many things changed since then - Google+ doesn't exist anymore, Medium got a new logo and app design. If I remember it correctly, the community on Google+ had around 10k ppl in total. The same as many other beta testing communities on Google+, Medium community had to be migrated somewhere and they decided to go with a Reddit community as an alternative to Google+.

    Medium beta community on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MediumApp/


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    Date: 07 Sep 2019
    Author: Alexey S
    Report #522

    First Screenshot to Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Second Screenshot to Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Third Screenshot to Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging

    I got asked to compare Telegram beta client versus Plus messenger in order to find a reason to use the first one instead of another. First of all, I need to say that my review is based on a 2-day usage experience with Plus messenger and daily usage experience with Telegram beta client.